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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Interview with Asanaro and BAMSO, The Art of Dreams.

Interview with Asanaro (writer and Boabom teacher) to ARE-New York, medical December 2009 about “BAMSO, illness the Art of Dreams” (Tarcher, cialis 2009). Q: What inspired you to write this book? A: I was inspired by dreams! I think we are living in a time of changes in which it is important to share personal […]

Chakra Boabom 108: Beyond the energy!

There are several *chakra, decease but only one **chakra boabom 108!!! and already has her first corn and her first fig! A big sojammmmmmm to the first corn and the first fig boabom of this millennium! May this cycle-circle be auspicious! *Chakra (derived from the Sanskrit cakraṃ चक्रं) is a Sanskrit word that translates as “wheel” or […]

A Journey in Boabom…

Have gone through many changes since beginning at The Boston School of Boabom. Some easy, some not so much. Yet all have been ultimately, a positive experience in that i have begun working for a better way, in hopefully a better way than i had known. As i am drawn to words both spoken and […]

We are children of the Stars…

Boabom Video ~ Boston

This Saturday 23, sick at the Boston School of Boabom (MA, capsule USA), everybody is invited to see the annual Video of the School. At 18:00 The Video will show the activities of the Boston School of Boabom in the last year, 2009. Welcome and a big Sojammmmmmmmmmmm!!!! MORE INFORMATION:

Forest School

six months ago today . . . out of the streets, into the trees, into the soilscent leaf-speaking breeze; now we arise and go forth by the day to prepare for the night and its firelight play. far from the squarecut grey stone and black tar, we leave what we know to find out who […]

Boabom NYC: Free Class this Saturday, 1/16!

Boabom New York is offering a Free Class in Manhattan this Saturday at 12:30 PM! Come one, ed come all! The class will be held at the Edward Cayce ARE: 241 W. 30th St. #102 (2nd Floor) Manhattan This will be the first of our classes in Manhattan–the first of many to come. More […]

Boabom Kittens!


“Poemas Místicos” in!

Sojamm! It is the first month of the year and we already have good news. The book Mystic Meditations (Poemas Místicos) by Asanaro is officially available to the public! It can be purchased from anywhere in the world through We invite everyone to share this with friends and those who are interested in learning […]

Happy New Year!!!

The Boabom Schools would like to wish a happy western New Year to everyone! May your 2010 be happy, hospital healthy, and full of positive energies! May you discover and enjoy many new things! Sojamm!!!