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Monthly Archives: December 2009

New Review about Bamso The Art of Dreams

“For me this book is particularly interesting in that it offers a non-psychological, medical stuff non-materialist system for understanding the activity of dreaming. I highly recommend it” by SUSAN POMEROY See full review

Bamso* in YouTube Channel!

Review by Cynthia Sue Larson’s YouTube Channel

Bamso: The Art of Dreams is available today!!!

We’re very happy to announce that Bamso: The Art of Dreams, by Asanaro, is now available from bookstores and online retailers! Bamso: the Art of Dreams recollects the story of Asanaro, student of the Boabom Arts, as he begins to explore the mysterious world of dreams under the guidance of his teacher. Asanaro learns how […]

Form of Meditation

“When we understand that this-finding that quiet place within where thinking ends and consciousness begins- is the most important goal and purpose of meditation, decease then it’s easier to understand and use the various forms of meditation. Nearly every spiritual tradition on Earth has developed some form of meditative practice, tadalafil and each is intended […]

Boabom Forest School… Balinese Style?

The necesity of human being to gather, sale sing and dance together in special moments is without a doubt universal. This video shows the idea of singing as a ceremony, tadalafil celebration and union of a village, maybe some sort of “Boabom Forest School” at the other side of the world.