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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Boabom Evolution II by Tulpin

In Honor of the Boston School of Boabom

In Honor of the Boston School of Boabom and its Teachers, pharm From the Ulan-Tefa class (4th level – Boabom to 5th Level) Sojamm!! from all the Ulan-Tefa class, a gift of a goat and a flock of chickens has been donated in honor of the BSB Teachers who have been so great with teaching […]

Boabom Evolution 2… by Tulpin

Boabom Poem…

“Beginning” Slow as the movement of the trees, the hands and legs reflect the art of the wind. Precise as the sunrays that greet the Earth, there is no hurry in the breathing itself. Mysterious as the movement of the stars at night, it’s forms become one with the time-space. Circles, and shapes the mind-body […]

Boabom Evolution!

– by Tulpin

Thinking about our Boabom classes… : )

Greetings, grins and smiles, welcome students all sandals, shoes and boots, waiting in the hall conversation bubbles, and laughter while we wait someone changes quickly, they were a minute late there is no inconvenience, no one is upset as a group we stick together, since the day we met now class begins it’s rhythm, seductive […]

Bamso: Dreams and Reality

Since before we had consciousness, doctor we have had dreams. Through the ages everyone, order from mystics to scientists, have been fascinated by this phenomenon, and over time many theories have been developed to explain them. Some recent theories have suggested new scientific ideas about what dreams really are, and these are not so far […]

Fascinating story of a family…!

From a Boabom student comes this positive story of a long separated family coming together, with a certain amount of intuition, vibration, frequency, and following what we feel! Apparently blood may well be thicker than water and, much like water, seeks it’s own level, or, more so, “like flows to like”. The first story… And […]

Mmulargan Boabom :: The First Furrow

first we found our feet and took start’straightsteps on this ground. next we compassed curves with sidewardslimstrideswiftly un[der]wound . . . —and it began with a sound, as a change in the breath was the first in a string of surprises this second of [st]ages would bring, as from greeting to freeing the time was […]

On Conserving vs. Controlling…

Here is a nice clip about goals, view hard work, cialis and leaving the herd mentality. It speaks of leaving the system (herd) to work with the system “mama net” (mother nature). In short, what is good for the environment is good for us, while what is good for the economy (the present herd mindset) […]