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boabom-ny-2We’ll be having a FREE Boabom class this Saturday, September 12th, at 1pm in Prospect Park! We’ll be gathering at the green area closest to Grand Army Plaza. Anyone is welcome–no experience, equipment, or money required!!!

AND starting September 19th we’ll be offering weekly classes  at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange – BAX – at 421 5th Ave. in Park Slope.gran-army-plaza

– 9/19 1:30-2:00 Free Class
– 2:00-3:00 Regular Boabom Class
– 9/26 1:30-2:00 Free Class
– 2:00-3:00 Regular Boabom Class
– 10/3 1:30-2:00 Free Class
– 2:00-3:00 Regular Boabom Class

($20/class or $60/month)

See for a complete schedule and further details.

Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested.

Boabom and Seamm-Jasani are part of a system of movement arts for relaxation, meditation, and defense with roots in ancient Tibet. Taught today in a non-competitive, continually evolving manner, Boabom and Seamm-Jasani combine movement and coordination with breathing and meditation to relax the mind and release stress. Focused on the development of precise reflexes and active relaxation, its goal is to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination, while creating, through meditation in movement, a focus and calm that can be carried into all areas of life.

boabom-ny-1Seamm-Jasani is known as the art of active relaxation. Movements in this art are long, slow, and fluid, with a focus on detail, precision, and technique. Seamm-Jasani develops coordination and equilibrium in the body, focus and precision in the mind.

Boabom is the art of Defense and Energy, characterized by quick movements, reaction, and an emphasis on breathing, agility, and balance. This art develops, with time, into a precise and effective form of self-defense, yet without any contact.

prospect-parkI hope to see you there!

Best Energies!!!

[email protected]