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Monthly Archives: June 2009


The Boabom Council wants to send to all the Schools, sale students and teachers of Boabom a Greeeeeat Sojammmm! and may the energies of this solstice make the North and the South vibrate giving a new beginning to the Boabom Year! Cycle Maan – Year Boabom: Bamsei

The Broken-Hand Master and the Kid in the Cage

“Harder!” said the angry one. The child hit the board harder. “Strength means hitting until you don’t feel pain!” The young one grit his teeth, and hit harder. * * * “Harder!” said the teacher, so the student hit the board harder. He hissed and shook his wrist, still giving him pain from the latest […]


Quote of the Day

It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer. ” Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist ps: in other words, if you really want to improve your Boabom… 😉

Quote of the Day

This positive energy is transmitted… If you achieve this positive aura of the Art and know how to conduct it, seek the people who surround you will thank you. Somehow you will be changing the world. As a matter of fact, sickness if you have a positive change, you evolve, and with this change alone […]

Laughter Therapy

Boabom students already know the importance to laugh and feel happy! Our classes make us feel that way everyday!  But have a look now at this video and see how such a simple thing as laughing can really make a change in the world  and make people feel better and happy!  

Drifting… and Discipline

A few weeks after I had begun taking Boabom classes, I was on the phone with my father in India, telling him about my exotic new activity. In my description, I paraphrased what my teacher said: about how one could leave one’s troubles and concerns behind while in the classroom and focus on something else […]


Boabom Haiku

Among the treetops Is where we dare to emcee Right-, left-brain; hands, feet   Sweat, breathe, move: we’re one The week’s “to-dos” are outdone Awaken yourself –Vanessa & Lucie (Boabom North)

Oil Painting and Boabom–2

Oil Painting – Boabom South

Oil Painting and Boabom

Oil Painting – Boabom South

3D Boabom!

Hello Everyone! Here are the morning’s Boabom pictures! The most amazing pictures ever… Boabom in 3D!!! You’ll need 3D glass to view them… so look and enjoy! 1. Cover of The Secret Art of Boabom. Photograph ©Asanaro, effects by Benjain. 2. From The Secret Art of Boabom, 1st Step, Chapter 5. Drawing by Asanaro, effects […]