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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Poem by Lao Tzu

On tiptoe, advice one is not steady; Stretching legs cannot keep pace. The intent to shine dulls the gleam; Claims of greatness merely diminish. Great presumption makes nothing grow, And smugness simply fades away. To find harmony with yourself, it is a waste to carry these things with you… Tear them up, throw them away, […]


Thanks to Boabom, pill an energy is flowing within me that I did not know before, a strength I did not know I had; my mind and body are synchronized, allowing a more harmonious flow.   Francisca (Boabom South)

Letters from Paul: Why am I here?

      Actually it is more about how I came to be here, at The Boston School of Boabom. I had begun to question many things: things about me, my life, how and what I had accepted. I felt a need for change. A need to start searching again. I believe I did so when […]

Boabom Ants

– “From the moment that he began Boabom, recipe he could no longer be like everybody else!” Tulpin

“A boy and his apple tree”

Once during a flight to China I read an interesting article on a magazine, it was a short story called “A boy and his apple tree”. I don’t know who the author was but it doesn’t matter, it caught my attention. Likely many lessons could be driven from this story in and I am pretty […]


– I told you… know yourself!  Not gnaw yourself!!

Logak: Boabom in Balance

LOGAK (lō-gak [ipa]):  A Boabom concept which means ‘the Art of balancing energy’. This term defines the application of the Art of Boabom as an open defense, where the technique must be neutralized or offset by students applying the movements face to face with one another. The primary objective is to find fluency, elegance, speed, accuracy, […]

Boabom Equations: Boabom

– Tulpin

Music From the Steppes: Huun-Huur-Tu

Huun-Huur-Tu, troche a musical group from Tuva, at the border of Mongolis and Russia, makes incredible music–truly for those who like to let their imagination fly! Huun-Huur-Tu continues the Tuvan tradition of throat singing, the musical expression of a culture born in the freedom and solitude of the steppes. This Tuvan sound is inspiring for […]

Mmulargan Boabom :: The Ground

amidst the rush, below the ground, before the crush, the sign i found was echo to a thought i’d often known: to shape a skill of limb and will, to sharpen mind and strengthen flesh and bone. so i marked the address where i’d find more confessed, and that evening i read where it rooted, […]

BSB at the Boston Marathon!!!

This past Monday, thumb some students and teachers from the  Boston School of Boabom ventured into the crowds along Beacon Street to flyer at the Boston Marathon!!! We had a great afternoon, walked a lot, and spoke to many people from all over the state! Sayani Yemado and Tiem Nai Ryan from the northern Boabom schools […]


One of the foundations of Seamm-Jasani is breathing: with it we can channel the accumulated energies to our favor, sickness which allows us to have clarity of mind and therefore, purchase to focus and then concrete our goals. If you ever find yourself in an adverse situation you can stop for a moment, purchase do […]

Video of the Week

A big greeting for all of the Boabom Community–We hope you enjoy this Video!!! It is a great example of how, clinic with a noble goal, ambulance anything is possible…

Natural Farming

  The term ‘Natural Farming’ comes from a revolutionary approach begun by Masanobu Fukuoka, a japanese scientist. After working as a microbiologist in the 1930’s, he quit this position to ‘return to the natural way,’ through an agriculture more in accord with the rules of nature, an agriculture which understands and collaborates rather than trying […]

Movie of the Month- ‘The Green Beautiful’

As sometimes we do, in April some of us from the Boston School of Boabom organized a ‘movie night’ in the house of one of our fellow-students. The movie for this night was ‘The Green Beautiful’.  It was a pleasant surprise for many. This movie has unique futuristic content and a great sense of ecological and planetary […]

Katja’s Korner: What’s the difference between allergy medication and natural remedies? (Sunday, April 19 – MIT / Saturday, April 25 – BSB)

So, what’s the difference between allergy medication and natural remedies? Well… When you have allergy symptoms, that’s a message that your body is in a stress-state. At that point, your immune system is dealing with more than it has resources to fight. You don’t realize it, but at that point, you’re already fighting off a flu, strep throat, […]

Boabom = MC²

Sunday April 19th saw great advances for the scientific world, advice as Boabom was taught for the first time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology! Perhaps soon this venerable Cambridge institution (MIT) will encounter new ideas as a result of its encounter with a Brookline institution (BSB)!!! The class, view taught by Tiem Nai Ryan, purchase was […]

Seamm Jasani: Dance of the Mind

  They are felt in the distance, recipe behind the folds of the hills, link the eternal valleys, the lost snows… They are felt as strange litanies, absent sounds that, with the echo of the winds repeat into the past, the future, the present. This is the ancestral movement of life, and they are the […]

Boabom New York: New Season!!!

      This past weekend kicked off the new season of Boabom classes in New York City!!! Little by little (as always ; ) the tide of our Art is flowing, help opening the way to a new city and a new school. Sayani Yemado (from the Northern Boabom schools), treat is responsible for […]

Boabom in only six words, wow!

  Breathe, no rx move, sweat, feel great, sojammmmm!  -Jeanne F.